🎙️ gPodder Podcast Engine

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Capital One’s Software Engineering Summit is a selective week long summit held at Capital One Labs just outside DC. This web app served as the final portion of the application to the summit and its purpose was to organize podcast subscriptions, visualize popular podcasts, and recommend new podcasts utilizing the API of a service called gPodder.


The main frameworks used were Flask for the backend and Bootstrap for the frontend. Additional tools used include mygpoclient to access gPodder’s API, Requests to issue GET requests to other HTML pages, Beautiful Soup to parse such requests, thesauropod to generate recommendations, and Word Cloud to generate frequency visualizations. Features of this web app include search, listing subscriptions, searching by and within genre, suggesting what podcast one should listen to first, giving recommendations for new podcasts, data visualizations, and logins to view one’s own subscription data.


When I was first issued this challenge, I was very intimidated; my experience with any kind of web development or even any project outside a class assignment was essentially none. In fact, it took me two or three days just to pick a framework to use. I also faced challenges with the API, given that it wasn’t very robust and I had no experience working with REST before. But once I picked a framework and started learning the basics, the rest was relatively repetitive. But overall, this one project taught me a lot about web development regardless of whether or not it was selected for the summit.

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