HQ Helping Hand



This was one of the first projects I created outside of the classroom. The inspiration came from a time when a bunch of us were obsessed with the game and would play almost every day. Another online bot, HQuack, was shut down before any of us knew about it, so as a fun exercise, I decided to try and program my own.


This program works by utilizing Tesseract OCR to extract the question and possible answers text from a screenshot. The program then uses Google Search API to search a formatted version of the question. Finally, the program iterates through the search results and returns the most probable answer from these results.


This programs inconvenience relegates it to more of a proof of concept than an actual practical tool during live games. After, all this was hacked together over the span of only about a day or two. But it does support the idea that search can be successfully automated within the ten second time frame. Im sure that some more fine tuning and adding the ability to input live screenshots would make this actually practical.

GitHub repo